A Warning from Minsk

On 28 September, President Lukashenko of Belarus, strangely enough better known for his atheism than his Orthodox Christianity, spoke at the United Nations in New York. Addressing himself to Western leaders, he issued a stark warning in the following words:

‘You the guilty could have said that you had made a mistake and you must stop right there. But no, once again you went even further. You started in Tunisia and ended in Libya. The scenario was the same. You crucified President Khadafy, you destroyed a state. Did things get better in Libya afterwards? No. And does Libya even exist now as a unitary state? No. Gentlemen, was that not enough for you? No. You pounced in Syria. Why? Why are you killing people? Why are you overthrowing the acting President? How did he displease you? Worse still, through the slaughter in that country you are wiping out the last traces of civilization from yourselves. Tell the international community what you want and what your aims are. Now, at the tribune of the UN General Assembly’.

Speaking of the humanitarian disaster the Western world has now created in the Ukraine, he added:

‘Let us take another step towards worldwide conflict and perhaps to a new world war, in the very heart of the advanced, civilized world. Surely, in this new millennium, we have understood just how fragile peace and human civilization are? I am not saying this in order to go over the events are already well-known to us, but in order to bring the powers that be in this world to think. Understood. Today there is no force that can stop you. But all who have religious faith, and many of them publicly, are praying for all those heads of state who are committing blasphemies. The Lord sees everything. And He is just. And what if He is angered and punishes the guilty? You and your peoples who are innocently suffering because of your adventures?’