The Spiritual Meaning of Russian Orthodoxy


God granted northern Eurasia, all the riches of the northern third of half the planet, to the Church, specifically to Holy Rus or Russian Orthodoxy. This vast territory was not stolen by warlike massacre, as was North America, but was granted by peaceful expansion. It was granted for the benefit and welfare of all Orthodox. All the other spiritual centres of the Orthodox world, Jerusalem, Mt Athos, Serbia, Georgia and many more, have always looked to Holy Rus for its protection. If these resources are not used for this benefit of all, they will be taken away from those who steward them, as they were in 1917, for the sin of nationalist selfishness.

In its essence, and not in its deformations, Holy Rus is Multinational Orthodoxy. Untrammelled by politics of left or right, it is 75% of World Orthodoxy, free, unlike many other Local Orthodox Churches. These have had to face Westernisation (like Roman Catholicism) through, for example, modernism and the new calendar, as in the Greek and Balkan Churches; or else fragmentation (like Protestantism) through, for example, tiny sectarian and nationalistic movements, as in the Ukraine, Macedonia, Montenegro and in innumerable old calendarist sects. The Westernised have to some extent become puppets of Western powers. Therefore, Holy Rus, now freed, reunited and being restored, has an all the more vital significance.

The Faith of Holy Rus

This principal part of the Church of Christ proclaims Her Trinitarian Faith in Father, Son and Holy Spirit and incarnates it in three words. These are:


This does not mean some reactionary, erastian State ideology, run by a Protestant Procurator. It means the Church Christianity of Christ, Incarnate in life, the Living Gospel, the Word of God given to all mankind.


This does not mean the ‘Autocracy’ of Western Absolutism. It means the people’s monarchy, the opposition to the Absolutist dictatorship of money, so-called ‘democracy’, which rules over the Western world today.


This does not mean some narrow, chauvinistic, Western-style nationalism. It means all the peoples of the world, who receive the call of the Holy Spirit and respond to the Spirit in and through the Church of God.


In our own times the Russian Orthodox world, inside and outside Russia, has endured Gethsemane and Golgotha. Holy Rus was crucified by and for the sins of the Western world of the last thousand years. Today, the Resurrection is beginning, both inside and outside Russia. These experiences of Crucifixion and Resurrection are the meaning and destiny of Russia, the key to world history and the promise of universal salvation in the last times. This promise of universal salvation is our White Ideal, the Trinitarian Ideal of Orthodoxy, Sovereignty and People, of the Faith of God’s Church, Sovereign over all, and preached to all the peoples of the Earth, not least to Christianising China.

Today, the Western world and Western Europe in particular are not facing Secularisation or Islamisation – Mcworld or Jihad – but Secularisation and Jihad. Why this twofold spiritual catastrophe? It is because the Western world and Western Europe in particular have forgotten their roots and overlaid them by layer after layer after layer spiritual impurity, of idolatrous worship of the world. Having quite literally rejected the Spirit from the Father through its change of Creed, that World lost first the Divinity of the Son, then of the Father, and so now the Divine destiny of mankind. Having rejected the Holy Trinity, it now faces the hell that it has created. Other nations are coming to replace it.

Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called
30 November /13 December