The Scandal of the Crete Conference

Blessed is the man that goes not to the council of the ungodly.

Delegates, supposed to represent nearly 20% of Orthodox Christians, are meeting in Crete. The security is so tight – badge-holders only – and talks so secretive that representatives of the Greek news agency romfea have left in disgust. It has also been revealed that the Conference of some 150 carefully selected bishops is costing two and a half million euros: one and a half million has come from the USA (no doubt garnered by such well-connected Greek-American and pro-Uniat priests as Fr Alexander Karloutsos, a friend of Hillary Clinton’s) and one million euros from Greek businessmen in Greece. So far the only document agreed on ( world?inheritRedirect=true&redirect=%2F) looks like a cheap copy of an incredibly old-fashioned Vatican II document ( This is simply the pompous humanist philosophy of Metr John (Zisioulas).

Outside the conference hall a tiny demonstration of 15 people called Patriarch Bartholomew a traitor. It is rumoured that many Orthodox, not least on Mt Athos, are trying to obtain the masonic-style document so that they can tear it up and burn it. However, some Cypriot and Albanian delegates, frightened by the lack of transparency and the ignoring of views other than those of the leaders of the ten Local Churches represented as well as of those who were not allowed to come, appear to be calling for a real and representative Conference Council, where the whole Orthodox Church and episcopate are included. In the Russian Church, 76% of all Orthodox, all are breathing a sigh of relief that our bishops are not taking part in this disgrace. It is already becoming clear that it is now going to be necessary to call a real Council in order to refute the Crete Conference. We await further developments.