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The First Priest Leaves the Patriarchate of Constantinople

A priest of the Patriarchate of Constantinople has left his parish in West Virginia in the USA and joined the Russian Orthodox Church. According to the Interfax news agency, the priest in question stated that after over two decades in the Patriarchate of Constantinople, he could no longer commemorate the schismatic Patriarch Bartholomew, who has renounced canon law, by invading another’s canonical territory and taking into his communion two Ukrainians anathematized by the Local Church, on whose territory they live.

Describing his action as a question of conscience, the priest has lost his income, but said that he was ready to suffer further torments and sacrifices for his Faith. We can now expect more to leave, as we have already communicated with many laypeople, several priests and one bishop who are considering leaving the anti-canonical Constantinople and joining the Russian Orthodox Church or other canonical Local Churches. When grace has been lost, there is only one course of action – to leave. The Great Cleansing is under way.