June in Crete

The news is that if the Orthodox Bishops’ Meeting is to take place, it will be at Pentecost in June in Crete. However, far more important questions remain unanswered.

Despite the reconciliation of the Patriarch of Constantinople with Metr Rostislav of the Church of the Czechs and Slovaks, there still remains Patriarch Bartholomew’s reconciliation with the Church of Greece and, according to some, with the Church of Bulgaria. Then there is the question of the Patriarchates of Jerusalem and Antioch, which are still out of communion with one another.

On top of these there come the unanswered questions of the Russian Church: Why is the calendar still on the agenda when there is still no sign of repentance by the new calendarists (except on the part of the Church of Poland) and their abandonment of the Catholic calendar and return to the Orthodox calendar and, above all, why has there been no consultation with the people on the agenda and discussions about it, the secrecy of which is promoting conspiracy theories almost on a daily basis? Such secrecy is almost a guarantee that whatever this meeting decides, it will not be received by the people.