Evil Deeds Go to Washington

The US elite prides itself on its ‘democratic’ system. This is of course at best self-delusion, at worst delusion. ‘Democracy means that every four years two corrupt oligarchs fight to become the most powerful man in the world. This time two elderly men, who should both have retired years ago, have spent billions of dollars trying to obtain power. One, a doddery old man who can hardly walk, is the idol of the world’s liberal elite, composed among others of journalists and abortionists. The other, a narcissist to the core who appears to change his opinion about as often as he changes his clothes, has backed various extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists, including the gun lobby, to back him. If that is the democratic choice, the best that the US elite can offer its citizens, no wonder over one hundred million Americans refused to vote for either.

A Republican ex-President has compared yesterday’s scenes in Washington, which occurred on the eve of the day when Christians celebrate the Birth of Christ, to those in a banana republic. He should know. He created at least two banana republics. And sadly US spies have immense experience in creating banana republics, not just throughout Latin America, but in Greece (under the colonels), and more recently in Lithuania, Romania, Kosovo and, in 2014, in the Revolution of Indignity in the Ukraine. Here, nearly seven years ago, US-backed separatists usurped the democratically-elected government, when the CIA funded thousands of ultra-violent rioters to the tune of millions of dollars and supplied Lithuanian snipers on the roof of the US Embassy to murder Ukrainian policemen trying to contain the mob. Since then the Galician Fascists in Kiev, now headed by a puppet who is a good actor but cannot even speak Ukrainian, have slaughtered tens of thousands of Ukrainians in the east of the country, all the while funded by US dollars and weapons.

The events in Washington once more prove the old spiritual law: What goes round, comes round. There is only one way out of it. It is called repentance. No sign of that in Washington. Is this the end of the Union of North American States?