Does Anyone Believe Western Lies Any More?

The meeting on Bright Monday of the anti-Christian Antony Blinken, the US secretary of state, and the anti-Christian Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary, affirmed their commitment to Western imperialism, threats and meddling against the peoples of Russia, China, Iran and anyone else who is willing to stand up to their asset-stripping aggression and powermongering.

Searching desperately for support, both foreign politicians of their much-weakened countries called on other G7 countries (all financially and morally bankrupt like themselves) to attack those who do not share Western atheist values and its imperialism. Notably, they also want Australia, South Korea, India and South Africa to join their tiny and elitist G7 club in order to threaten and bully sovereign states. Western brinkmanship and sabre-rattling on the borders of Russia and warships sent into the Black Sea and the South China Sea, CIA and GCHQ cyber-attacks and mass misinformation on the part of the venal Western media, such as the notorious British State BBC propaganda mouthpiece, and the multiple assassinations of black people and civil disorder in the USA, were all justified.

The usual ritual threats were also made against China, accusing it of repression at home and aggression abroad. Clearly, the two anti-Christians were talking about themselves, since both their countries are notorious for invading other lands and committing genocides in countries like Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and this only in the last thirty years! The US and the UK have for generations told the world that they are beacons of ‘freedom and democracy’. This is clearly untrue.

This lie has never stopped them from invading and overthrowing sovereign states around the world, assassinating democratically-elected leaders and attempting to wipe out their peoples, like the Nazis. (Most recently, they tried to overthrow and assassinate the Belarussian leader, Lukashenko). As a result, over the generations, vassal gangsters in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine, who swore feudal fidelity to their US lords, or else fanatical Islamists, have taken over countries, which had been ruined and impoverished by Western aggression.

However, even Blinken said that the USA would not start a war with China. This is because it is too bankrupt and too frightened. As Blinken said, diplomatically, ‘a military conflict between the world’s two biggest economies does not serve either of their interests’. The notorious warmonger Raab added that London and Washington see “eye-to-eye” on China’s resistance to their imperialism and aggression and would try to get China to bankrupt itself through issues such as climate change, even though China’s pollution problem is caused by its manufacture of goods for the Western world.

Blinken even insisted, quite ridiculously, that the US was not cutting and running in Afghanistan, saying: “We have made it absolutely clear that as we withdraw our forces from Afghanistan we will protect them and take decisive action in response to any attacks. We have also been clear our forces are drawing down (= running away), but we are not disengaging. We intend to be very active diplomatically in trying to advance a political settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban.” This is clearly a lie, as everybody knows that the US lost the war it began there twenty years ago, even though it has tried for years to negotiate with Afghan patriots, just as it lost the wars it started in Vietnam, Iraq and the Ukraine and had to run away.

All these lost wars have killed millions of innocent people, cost the USA trillions of dollars and led to it being hated around the world. Equally hypocritically, Blinken said: “We have to take a stand on the arbitrary detention for political purposes. I would hope that with time and effort countries should establish a norm that this practice is unacceptable.” Was he talking about the notorious US torture camp in Guantanamo Bay or CIA torture facilities in Lithuania and its other Eastern European colonies?

The hypocrisy of Blinken and Raab reminds us of the hypocrisy 500 years ago, when the Russian leader, Ivan IV, a man under whose rule between 2,000 and 4,000 Western-supported traitors to Russia died, was dubbed ‘The Terrible’ by Western leaders of the time and still today. Yet the same Western leaders, like the monstrous Henry VIII and later Elizabeth I in England, were murdering hundreds of thousands, as prescribed by the Italian strategist Macchiavelli. Then Western European society was patterned by one long series of ‘religious wars’, massacres, inquisitions, torture, hanging, drawing and quartering, witch-hunts and later monstrous ‘colonial’ genocides. The greatest of these genocides was the blood-soaked founding of the USA, still today notorious for its cowboy violence.

Why have Western leaders always slandered Ivan IV? Simply because he protected his people from organised Western violence and asserted Christian values as far as he could despite the traitors. Today, the USA, the UK and the EU persecute and blacken all who resist its ‘Western values’ of immorality and murder and tell lies about other countries in exactly the same way as 500 years ago. Does anyone still believe them? Or are they, like Dr Goebbels in 1945, just talking to themselves? Berlin is about to fall. Have they not noticed?