Awaiting Real Change

According to the official site, last Wednesday Bishop Savva (Tutunov), the French-born Bishop of Zelenograd who is in charge of the administrative affairs of the Moscow Patriarchate, spoke of President’s Biden’s supposed intention to stop interfering in other countries’ affairs.

Although on 31 August the President was speaking of the failure of the USA to conquer Afghanistan, Bishop Savva was thinking more of the US interference in the affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The Bishop said that the President’s statement did not show a sincere desire to put right the damage caused by those interventions. Bishop Savva continued:

‘Here we cannot see any good, repentance or putting right of the evil done by the interventions…The US projects for the ‘Orthodox Church in the Ukraine’ and the schism brought into the Orthodox Church now, alas, even if its overseas patrons reject it (which is doubtful) will still exist, even if it is decomposing. Overcoming this evil, if that is God’s will, will take time. But the consequences for a great many real people will not go away’, said the Bishop on his Telegram channel. Bishop Savva remarked that a public renunciation of ‘the destructive projects’ of the USA is not to be expected.