An Important Message from Athos

Святые отцы горы Афон призывают сегодня всех православных христиан сделать Крест на обратной стороне дверей домов. Если у Вас нет Креста, то можете его сделать пальцем, окнув его в оливковое масло. Это серьёзно, так как вчера был отслужен Параклис Божией Матери и эти указание были даны (открыты) самой Богородицей монахам на Святой Горе. 

The Fathers of Mt Athos call on all Orthodox Christians to make the Cross on the inside of the doors of their homes today. If you do not have a Cross, then you can make it with your finger dipped into (olive) oil. This is serious. Yesterday a service to the Mother of God was celebrated and this instruction was given/revealed by the Mother of God herself to monks on Mt Athos.

This message turned out to be not true, even though I had cross-checked it because I did think at the time that it seemed strange. But that is irrelevant. The message could do no harm (otherwise I would not have passed it on), but the message gave consolation and all who made the sign of the cross showed faith and hope. These are virtues. And God rewards those and He makes good out of fake messages from strange individuals.