Daily Archives: January 10, 2022


Since its attempted, but failed, coup d’etat by proxy in Belarus over the summer, the US State Department has stepped up operations against the Ukrainian people, supporting the illegal authorities it installed in Kiev by violence in 2014 and arming them in their genocide of the Ukrainian people in the east of that country. Having armed large numbers of Kiev troops to the teeth, financed them and sent them to the Russian borders, it has then ‘accused’ Russia of aggression by defending itself by sending troops to protect its borders! This absurd propaganda has been blindly repeated by puppet politicians and State mouthpieces in Western countries, such as the BBC.

Now, however, it seems that the US elite has attempted a coup d’etat in Kazakhstan. This is an immensely wealthy country with huge reserves of gas and oil, and most of the north and west of which is populated by Russians. The techniques used to attempt the overthrow of the Kazakh government are exactly the same as those used by the CIA in Kiev in 2014 – and so many other countries before that, especially in Latin America and Asia. The demonstrators in Kazakhstan were paid, they marched along a pre-planned route and among the crowds were snipers (just as in the Western-organised demonstrations against Tsar Nicholas II on ‘Bloody Sunday’ in January 1905, and again in Kiev in 2014). Fanatical Muslim terrorists were trained and armed by the West, just as in Syria.

Today, Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council for International Relations of the Russian Federation, said that the whole affair was just another attempt to destabilise Russia, by setting up yet another anti-Russian State on the borders of Russia, just like the Ukraine. (Reported by the RIA Novosti news agency). He added that this policy had been initiated under the Trump regime by John Bolton and was all about ‘starting conflicts everywhere in the post-Soviet realm’.

It appears that Russia has stopped the protests in Kazakhstan, increasing social justice by removing the corrupt Western-backed totalitarian oligarchs, reversing their greedy price rises, and sending in troops to take the Capital’s airport, so that the US could not ship out Kazkhstan’s gold reserves, as they did in the Ukraine in 2014. On Sunday, President Lukashenko of Belarus declared that Western policy was intended to destroy ‘the centre of our Civilisation, of Orthodoxy, that is, Russia’.

Meanwhile, Patriarch Kyrill of the Moscow Patriarchate, within which we in its Archdiocese of Western Europe belong, has called Kazakhstan part of ‘historic Rus’. This came a few days after the Moscow Patriarchate opened its Exarchate in Africa, when one fifth of the priests of the Greek-financed but Egypt-based Patriarchate of Alexandria, transferred to the Moscow Patriarchate. This followed the 2018 establishment of the uncanonical US-financed but Greek-organised ‘Church’ on canonical Moscow Patriarchate territory in the western Ukraine. It is said that another fifth of the African priests will follow quite soon.

It also comes soon after the Moscow Patriarchate defended the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which is largely dependent on Russian pilgrims. Perhaps our Moscow Patriarchate intends to consecrate black bishops for Africa and Palestinian bishops for Jerusalem. Other parts of the Orthodox world largely dependent on the Russian economy, such as Cyprus, will be faced with the choice of whether they support the Moscow Patriarchate in Africa and the Ukraine or not. The position of the 24,000-strong American Synod in New York, some parts of which are still officially in communion with some parts of the Moscow Patriarchate, but which has a history of being financed by the CIA, is not yet clear.